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Are You In The Age Of The SuperWeb And You Don't Know?


With the user

For example, on Instagram you create your account allowing your location,

This allows for a database of the information you access on Instagram from your location

And you are located by Instagram ads from that information provided from your account

You and me,

We also know of the existence of superapps (superapps)

Like Rappi himself

One of the biggest superapps in Brazil, object delivery and also digital bank now in 2021.

You must have understood that the term 'SUPER' means multiplicity of features

These features, from the most dynamic design

Enabling more user interaction like YouTube's superchat

Up to the amount of technical functionality that the application or web technology

A case to be studied is the superapp…

…WeChat (is the “WhatsApp of China”)

In addition to paying your bills using QR Code, you can chat with other users on the platform

In a dynamic world, bringing together and simplifying functionalities in the form of practicality

It's not the future, it's the present!

Above all, the digital path is no turning back, as the simplification of human daily life in the digital becomes an irreversible and dependent process. Certainly, if you're not in digital you will fade with time.

The world where YouTube becomes the new TV and the internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are TV commercials.

It is worth mentioning an exceptional site that anticipates trends is the Singularity University (university formed by a partnership between Google and NASA and other scientific communities with high impact on technology and innovation).

Are You Ready ?

Seja um Super Humano no Digital!

Be a Super Human on Digital!

Are you tired of spending too much time on Google searching for tools and methods to get more productivity and performance in digital? Your problems are over, become a true super human now!

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