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Here is the article on how data flow works on the world wide web, the internet!

Are we going to demystify the internet?

In this article, you will learn about:

// What is the basic structure of the Internet like?

// Why is Google the most popular search engine in the world?

// Is there internet outside of Google?

First, the entire internet is based on the 'front' (we call it the Front-End in programming) and the 'back' (we call it the Back-End)

Front-End comes down to the visual part that you have contact when accessing any website

Back-End wraps the data behind every visual you see on screen

This front-end and back-end naming structure is suitable for websites (desktop) and your phone (mobile).

It's impossible to talk about internet structure without Google working

Because Google is the pioneer and largest search engine in the world followed by YouTube. Being a pioneer led to development and preference advantages.

However, have you ever thought that it is possible to search the internet without using Google?

نعم! هناك طريقتان أساسيتان:

The first is using other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, StartPage, DuckDuckGo

The second is using the Tor browser and entering what we call the “Deep Web” (Which is a great subject for another article)

What do you know about the internet? See you in the next article!

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