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What will you learn from reading this article?

// Taking care of the body is no waste of time.

// Being in the now makes you more productive.

// Dedicating time to yourself is not selfishness, it's health!

1) Take care of my body

Some believe it's a waste of time or that just eating well

In fact if you don't take care of what makes you productive

The consequences are clear: fatigue, tiredness, slower thinking, less oxygenation in the body.

2) Be 100% Present When Doing A Task

Forget mobile, social networks and in my case,

How I produce content for social media I dedicate some time to feedback and production

3) Dedicating Time to Yourself

Having time to myself made me more focused on myself

Having quality time with family, real friends, business friends is great.

But, nothing replaces time with yourself

Are you staying to produce more?

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